Every Erdmann sauna is handcrafted with love. Be assured that our saunas are of the highest quality, long lasting and completed to perfection. You will be surprised by the sensitivity and flexibility with which your vision is converted into reality. Your personal concepts are an important part of the private consultation process. Sometimes only a small spark is enough to ignite a whole fire of ideas.

Your uncompromisingly individual solution will be discovered once again in your unique concept. But your dreams must be attainable. We combine a focus on functionality with creativity. Your fantasy is the seed from which our design unfolds. In joyful collaboration we discover new methods and with courage cross borders, leading to remarkable possi-bilities for the fulfilment of each and every customer’s individual spa vision.

A magnificent piece of nature

We trust no other material more than wood. Wood contains life, lends a warm atmosphere and is a wondrous piece of nature. We offer a large assortment of woods according to your requirements – a choice of the most popular types. There are no limits to our individual design possibilities.

Comfort with ease

Invisible controls, modern touch panels, harmonious colour combinations, seductive aromas and effective sound systems. Nearly everything is possible with intelligent technology. Comfort, security and straightforward operation make the original sauna experience more relaxing than ever.

Quality with substance

What could be more important in aesthetic and functional sauna design than sound, high quality construction? We don’t know what sport your future son-in-law might take up. A sauna should be a purchase that lasts your lifetime and even outlast every son-in-law.

Erdmann Sauna & Spa GmbH

Taltitzer Straße 29a
08538 Weischlitz / Vogtland (Sachsen)

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