Puristic sauna

Our saunas in puristic style captivate with simple elegance and clarity. The excellent quality of our materials is our first priority, and less is often more.

See for yourself just how exciting minimalism can be. Essential, yet elegant. Erdmann saunas in Purist style combine functional design with clear-cut forms. For every lover of Purism – simple lines that will stir. A sauna can be simply beautiful. Soft forms and flowing lines result in a harmo­nious relationship inducing peaceful relaxa­tion and soothing sauna pleasure.

Floating forms, clean lines and aesthetic design strike at the heart of the Purist lover. Do you also sense this uncompli­cated ease? Enjoy it – purely. Erdmann purist saunas captivate with their simple grace and calming clarity.

The bright Interior offers a stylish contrast to the sophisticated dark Wengé wood with a result of timeless elegance.

Rustic sauna

Do you love days on a snow-covered ski run, or adventurous journeys in the mountains?

After your day in the outdoors, enjoy the cosy warmth and earthy tones of our rustic saunas. Be captivated by the aroma of our specially selected woods. Experience the pleasant originality of a rustic sauna made from Swiss stone pine­wood. The unique aroma of the essential oil in Swiss stone pine will captivate your senses.

For every wine there is the perfect glass, and for every vision there is the perfect sauna. Do you love the charm of an old vineyard with its own earthy cellar? Whatever your sauna dream may be, we can make it come true.

Individual sauna

Your unmistakably personal touch is reflected in your lifestyle and in the fine details with which you create ambience. We will help you to enhance this in your individual sauna.

Invite us to enter into your world. Who did not dream as a child of con­quering the seven seas side by side with the captain of a pirate ship? There are times when adults can be children again and childhood dreams can come true.

Your unmistakably personal touch is reflected in your lifestyle and in the fine details with which you create ambience. Let’s discover together the uncompromis­ingly individual solution to your sauna dream. What could be a more beautiful union than between the relaxing heat of a sauna and the personal flair of your lifestyle? Grant yourself some precious time out for positive sauna pleasure in a kingdom cre­ated especially for you.

Asian Sauna

Do you have a passion for eastern culture? Immerse your soul in the harmonious interaction of the unique elements of our asiatic design saunas and regenerate yourself.

Enjoy your very own slice of the relaxation culture of Asia. Asian cultures are brimming with unri­valled wisdom pertaining to tranquillity, inner balance and happiness. Be spell­bound by an Erdmann Asiatic sauna and embark on your own inspiring journey to the Far East.

Immerse yourself in the harmonious interac­tion of the unique elements of an asiatic sauna and be renewed. Bring your body and soul into harmony while you enjoy an insight into the rich relaxation culture of one of the oldest civilizations of mankind.


Plunge into a world of revitalization that meets your needs entirely. Imagine your own private island of relaxation or a whole world devoted to your wellbeing. Inspire us with your fantasies and we’ll create your totally individual spa world.


The look of the purely essential.

What if nature and design were joined in perfect symbiosis?


Hit the mark?

What if not only the idea was so thrillingly refreshing?


Perfectly tailored to you.

What if the path to inner balance did not inevitably lead you to Tibet?


Do you have a mind of your own?

What if your private space were completely redefined?

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